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Delving deeper into the fundamentals of “Click & Shop", one can truly understand what stands for and why. The stance of a man who stands tall essentially represents that he is proud of what he is doing or has accomplished. Here at we believe in being the best at what we do but only if it means doing it in the right way.

Arista Mart is a known name and renowned brand itself in the Ecommerce & Online Shopping sector both at local and international stage. From the wishes of being a part in rapidly changing culture of digital era, saw the birth of sister concern brand "Arista Mart" in 2018. While products have life cycles, brands can transcend time when managed well.

The brand "Arista Mart" is defined as a set of timeless customer benefits from business ground of E-commerce rather than particular product and services. Our corporate dictate is to unceasingly innovate and upgrade products and services to keep the brand fresh and relevant to make our business sustainable. Also it helps to create remarkable platform in global E-Commerce arena from a tiny country Bangladesh which is surrounded up to 1, 47,570 Square Kilometers.

The brand tagline – "Click & Shop” directly indicates how much dedication we kept inside to spread E-commerce services by one click which is essentially our way of life here at

Starting from the colors to the fonts, everything was revisited. We wanted to come up with something that highlights our tagline and our way of life. The corporate look, which is everything from our wallpaper, company & E-commerce website, signage, billboards, communications and stationaries, will have an identifying texture of meaningful presence. This texture is a graphical representation of the peak of a mountain towering over rest of the world, standing beside you in SMART movement by “Click & Shop”!!!

Arista Mart is a known name and renowned brand

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